Sharing A USB Modem Internet Connection With Other PCs Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Yes you can allotment that USB modem internet affiliation on one PC with added PCs over an ad-hoc wireless network, even after a about-face or wireless router. This is fabricated accessible with Internet Affiliation Administration (ICS), a arrangement service/feature of all windows-based systems. The administration can aswell be done just amid two PCs affiliated application an Ethernet cross-over cable.

How Do I Allotment My USB Modem Internet Affiliation With Added PCs After A Switch/Router, Over My Ad-hoc WLAN?


1. Connect the USB modem (e.g. MTN 3G USB modem) to the host computer.

2. Accredit ICS on the USB modem affiliation backdrop and baddest the arrangement blazon through which you admiration to allotment (e.g. Wireless Local Area Arrangement connection)

3. Baddest the casework you would wish to run by beat Settings. The basal casework you charge in adjustment to admission the internet are DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS.

4. Once this is done, your wireless agenda is assigned a changeless IP address. So afore basic the ICS setup, ensure the agenda is on DHCP so as to admission the changeless IP abode to be assigned. The changeless IP could be something like

5. Now its time to angle up added PCs to acquaintance the administration work! Note that ICS has to be enabled aswell on all PCs intending to admission the internet via the host PC. Back we’re application WLAN in this case, accredit ICS on the WLAN agenda backdrop and baddest accordant casework as done beforehand on the host PC (DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS)

6. At this point, you are acceptable to go! To test, aboriginal analysis the IP data on the host and arrangement PCs application the “IPCONFIG /ALL” command on windows command prompt. Example is apparent beneath of one of the arrangement PCs.

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